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Debrid Download Helper

Downloads files, copies URLs and queues magnet links.

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This script is not being maintained anymore.

AllDebrid, RealDebrid, SimplyDebrid, DebridItalia,, Premiumax, SimplyPremium, LinkSnappy

  • Click icon to unlock links. Download starts automatically.
    Middle-click / Ctrl-click copies download URL to your clipboard instead.
  • You can unlock multiple links at once by selecting them.
    Download URLs will be copied to your clipboard once the last link has been processed.
  • To switch between the services:
    Hold down Alt while clicking or use Greasemonkey icon -> User Script Commands -> Switch debrid service
  • Icon tooltips show error messages and file sizes (if available).
  • Icons next to magnet links bring you to the torrent converter (AD and RD). If you want to use a different service for magnet links, go to Greasemonkey icon -> User Script Commands -> Set custom torrent converter.
  • You have to be logged in with your premium account (.com site in case of AD).
  • Script is written for Greasemonkey (Firefox) but should work with Tampermonkey (Chrome) as well.
  • RealDebrid users must enter their private API token via Greasemonkey icon -> User Script Commands -> Set RealDebrid API token.
  • I'm not interested in supporting links to video sites.
In case of "Parse error"
  • Send me the complete debug output via PM.
  • The debug output shows up in your browser's JavaScript console (Chrome: Ctrl+Shift+I, Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+K) and starts with *** DEBRID DEBUG OUTPUT ***.
  • Also Include name and version of your browser and script manager.