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Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) v.47

For a Wide Screen and the YouTube New Design

Voici les versions de ce script où le code a été modifié. Voir toutes les versions.

  • v4700.0.0 08/06/2023

    Small correction for Info in Play pages

  • v4600.0.0 22/05/2023

    small corrections...

  • v4500.0.0 24/02/2023

    Correction for video preview on hover in Search pages

  • v4400.0.0 01/02/2023

    Correction for Chat / Donation, etc ...

  • v4300.0.0 26/01/2023

    New Script in test (GM"Bouton de traduction des commentaires YouTube"), correction Search suggestions with TabView, Icon settings GM " YouTube Player Control"

  • v4200.0.0 04/01/2023

    Some corrections for Full view, Seek info in player etc...

  • v4100.0.0 03/01/2023

    many corrections

  • v4000.0.0 16/12/2022

    - Correction for GM "YouTube Play Next Queue"

  • v3900.0.0 05/12/2022

    minor corrections

  • v3870.0.0 04/12/2022

    Adaptation for [GM "TabView YouTube"] A new feature is added to allow users to expand the tab container

  • v370.0.0 29/11/2022

    - Adaptation for new "Comment Teaser" under the player.
    - Adaptation for GM "Video Speed Buttons" + "More Speed" with "Comment Teaser" under the player

  • v360.0.1 28/11/2022

    fix number of version in CSS

  • v360.0.0 28/11/2022

    Many adaptations ....

  • v350.0.0 09/11/2022

    PLayList: Fix for GM "TabView" code Change ...

  • v340.0.0 06/11/2022

    Continue the Big rewrite; Chat, Play list , Full / Theater Screen etc...

  • v330.0.0 05/11/2022

    Continue to fine tuning: Playlist, FullScreen etc...

  • v320.0.0 04/11/2022

    Some corrections

  • v301.0.5 03/11/2022

    Just Correction version

  • v301.0.0 03/11/2022

    BIG rewrite for corrections and fine tuning ....

  • v300.0.0 02/11/2022

    - Better loading page (Skelton view of the player added)
    - Supp "Blur Background" and "Glow/Ambilight

  • v298.0.0 19/10/2022

    Adaptations and corrections for the YouTube's perpetual changes about infos displayed under the player...

  • v28.0.0 09/10/2022

    Style channel items in related videos

  • v27.0.0 05/10/2022

    Corrections for perpetual changes of its design for the video page....

  • v26.0.0 15/08/2022

    Correction for user Connected (Video player page for now...)

  • v25.0.0 08/08/2022

    Corrections for GM "TabView" - Theater player when click on Videos related Tab twice

  • v24.0.0 24/07/2022

    Some corrections for Live Chat Tab and others

  • v23.0.0 17/07/2022

    Quick Fix to support YouTube code change

  • v22.0.0 12/07/2022

    Compatible with some new GM and a 3nd way (!) to serve the Video page by Youtube

  • v21.0.0 01/06/2022

    Add Support for GM "TabView", normalize the style between Chrome / Quantum and Waterfox
    Support for the 3 different versions of the video page served actually by Youtube....

  • v20.0.0 06/03/2022

    Fix pb for Chapters and others corrections

  • v19.0.0 07/10/2021

    Corrections for the description of the userscript...

  • v18.0.0 24/08/2021

    Chapter container, Title Sub title etc ....

  • v17.0.5 05/07/2021

    Corrections for Color, Live Videos

  • v17.0.1 05/07/2021

    Update description, Work on White Theme, Solve problem with Quantum in Full Screen, Videos Related Loading, Comments Container position and hover

  • v17.0.0 05/07/2021
  • v16.0.0 03/07/2021
  • v15.0.0 17/04/2021
  • v14.0.0 15/04/2021
  • v13.0.0 16/03/2021
  • v12.0.0 28/02/2021 Fix for video progress-bar Chapter
  • v11.0.0 20/02/2021 Correction for the last change from Youtube
  • v10.0.0 22/01/2021 Correction for support GM "YouTube: Age Verification Bypass: See Related videos panel right
  • v9.0.0 19/01/2021 correction for video player, add support for Youtube Music
  • v8.0.0 14/01/2021 ProgressBar visible, Improve GM support, MoviePlayer, test for emded video
  • v7.0.0 24/11/2020 Many corrections and adaptations for some useful userscripts
  • v6.0.0 18/10/2020 Add Support Live Chat
  • v5.0.0 14/10/2020
  • v4.0.0 10/10/2020 Fix problem for some video related thumbnails not loading
  • v3.0.0 09/10/2020 Support new userscripts
  • v2.0.0 06/10/2020 Support for toggle dark / white Yeutube theme, video player correction

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