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Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) [USw] v.55

For a Wide Screen and the YouTube New Design

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Posté le: 25/11/2020


As I'm planning to create a new userstyles sharing platform to replace, I'm looking for advice from userstyles developers like you so I can build it with proper specs that will meet your needs.

Could you help me on that ?


Posté le: 26/11/2020

OK... if i can help you ....
A new Userstyles should be great!

Posté le: 27/11/2020

Alright, is there a place where we could talk about this in private, like Reddit, Discord or e-mail ? Thanks.

PS : if you are French, so am I. xD

Posté le: 27/11/2020

Ici par la messagerie de greasyfork ?

I found that is good. Website speed is fast, can hourly sync (mirror) with Greasy Fork's userstyle.

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