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Automatically Add Start/Finish Dates For Animes/Mangas + Helpful Buttons

Selecting Watching/Reading auto adds the start date, and Completed auto adds the finish date. Shows the actual Anime/Manga dates below the Anime/Manga image, that's updated every time you reload or click on Watching/Reading/Completed. Hover the mouse over the dates and click to reset them. This script adds 6 helpful buttons on the Anime/Manga Edit Details Page.

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Are you tired of clicking on the button 'Edit Details', just to add the anime started/finished dates?
Would you like MAL to implement an automatic way to Add Finish/Start Dates For Animes/Mangas?
Then simply use this script to Automatically Add End/Start Dates For Animes/Mangas. And forget about clicking on the button 'Edit Details', just to add the anime started/finished dates!

Since with this script there's no need to click on the default "Submit" button, the script also always opens the "Show Advanced" button on the Edit Details page (like ). This makes a bit easier and faster to see which tags an anime/manga has, and it's also a bit easier and faster to add and remove tags, among other things.

If the number of added eps is 1 and if the entry has more than 1 eps when the + symbol is clicked (to add an watched episode) the script will auto set the anime as watching and will auto add the start dates.

On the Edit Details pages (like ) you can manually Add End And Start Dates In 1 Click, Or easily Reset The Start or the Finish Dates.There's also a button that can Reset Almost All of the Added Info on that page, like episodes watched, all dates, tags, reWatched/reRead values etc.

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