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Find The Correct Watch Order And All Related Entries+Live-Actions+Doramas + Copy Entry Title

See the franchise's correct watch order and all entries. Easily check if an entry has Live-Action/Dorama adaptations, and copy the entry or all franchise entries' title(s).

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*Works on Kiwi browser or any mobile browser that lets you install user scripts and/or tampermoney.

The copy Button:

  • Click to copy the entry title with symbols.
  • Double click to copy the entry title without symbols.
  • Right click to Copy ALL Anime Titles of the Franchise In The Correct Watch Order (in the broadcast order) With Total EP Numbers for Every Entry, (and also copy the Duration Times and Entry Types for entries that the type isn't TV). They are separated by some commas.
    *For new entries that were just added to MAL the Right Click won't do anything
  • The search button:

  • Click to auto search for the Franchise (or entry) title on this MAL Club, and on MyDramaList to check if the anime had any Live-Actions/Doramas, then the script displays to the user an option to open or not the following 3 websites IMDB, AsianWiki,(and MyDramaList only if the anime was found on MyDramaList), to confirm and find more information about the adaptation.
  • *The MAL Club includes Stage-Plays and Live-Actions/Doramas that weren't yet aired.
    *It's recommended that the first time you click on the search button click on Cancel to search using the Franchise Title then try a second time and click on OK to search using the Entry Title.
    *If the alert box shown after you click on the search button shows the wrong "Franchise Title:" name, it means that you will need to manually search.

    The pink button:

  • Click to open, will show all of the franchise-related entries and also show the correct watch order (in the broadcast order). ( is only opened on anime pages)
  • Middle Click to check if the correct watch order is the broadcast order or the chronological order. The middle click will always try to open the Club .If the anime isn't found in the club then chiaki will be opened. (*For detailed explanation open )
  • Right click to open, this site does the same exact thing as does, but this site also includes mangas,one shot's, Light Novels, and these things...

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