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Twitter Block With Love

Block or mute all the Twitter users who like or repost a specific post(Tweet), with love.

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Avis: OK - le script fonctionne, mais souffre de quelques problèmes

Posté le: 30/03/2022

Script does not seem to block everyone on tweets with larger amounts of interactions.

It seems to work for the ones that are immediately visible, but accounts that are further down on the Likes or Retweets list aren't affected.
Here is a video showing the issue: (no audio, just showing the bug)

Otherwise, this script has been amazingly helpful for tweets with smaller amounts of interactions. Thank you for your hard work!

Posté le: 02/04/2022

Thanks for your feedback, and I'm sorry for the problem.

I'm checking the cause of it, and I'll try my best to fix it in the next version.

Posté le: 12/11/2022

Same thing is happening to me. It would be nice if there were a GUI and would slowly block everyone and show as it blocks. I mass block people and this script doesn't really help with that unfortunately.

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