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Surviv Aimbot

Aimhacks for Surviv.IO

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This is a quick script written over a weekend that locally changed the JavaScript to behave differently. Some of the features are listed below.

No Ceilings

Never worry about someone hiding in a house again! This script replaces all of the ceiling images with transparent ones so you can see inside!

Bush and Tree Outlines

Never worry about someone surprising you in a bush or tree, with this script only the outlines of trees and bushes will show, revealing any hiding players!

High Zoom Level

The script enables you to see extremely far with 1X zoom, and increases zoom inside buildings.

Bullet Time

The script slows local bullet movement, giving you the edge in a fight!

Extra Health

Rather than the standard 100, you get 200 health to use!

Bugs and Issues

–Ammo is currently set at 999, despite actual ammo not being that.

Upcoming Features

–Debug Mode

–Adjustable Zoom