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Youtube Automatic BS Skip

Set outro for any youtube channel and will automatically skip to next video when time is reached.

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Posté le: 15/04/2021
good job just that I would like the playback to stop instead of going to the next video
Posté le: 16/04/2021
You would like the playback to be paused when the outro is reached?
Sure this is a feature I could add.

Thanks for the feedback.
Posté le: 16/04/2021
Édité le: 16/04/2021
Hi! I implemented your suggestion.
You can now click the (more) button on the YABSS to select whether you would like it to skip to next video or pause when the outro has been reached.

Keep in mind, that the default is set to skip, since that was the main purpose behind this script.
So you'll have to set it to pause for each channel you want it to pause when the outro has been reached.
However the option is saved for each channel so you'll only have to change it once, unless you want to swap back and forth.

Hope you enjoy the feature.
Posté le: 17/04/2021
Excellent I already tried it and it works without problems, thanks for the script!

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