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Add YouTube Video Progress

Adds a progress bars (or dots) at bottom of video, a progress text which includes video quality and subtitle indicators, and a chapter title box on the YouTube video page.

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Avis: Bon - le script fonctionne correctement

Posté le: 02/06/2020
Édité le: 02/06/2020

Subtitle info

Hello. What language subtitles are available in the video, can they be shown on the tooltip?

Posté le: 03/06/2020

Yes. It's been added just now. Check the script update.

Posté le: 04/06/2020

Thanks for the update. But when you go from a video with a subtitle to a suggested video on the right, if this video has no subtitles, the subtitle information of the last watched video remains. If the page is refreshed, there is no such problem.

Posté le: 05/06/2020

Ah, wrong source of information. The script has been updated to fix it.

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