Greasy Fork is available in English. Hat Macros

Change hats with the press of a button.

Green Hell
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-Pig Head [ / ]
-Moo Head [ shift ]
-Booster Hat [ , ]
-Dark Knight [ B ]
-Barbarian Armor [ N ]
-Tank Gear [ M ]
-Samurai Armor [ J ]
-Bull Helmet [ K ]
-Take off Hat [ L ]

Changing Macros

Changing the selection of hats that are used in the script is rather simple. First, replace the name of the hat in the script with the hat you want to use. Next, change the number that appears before the hat name in the beginning of the script. Replace it with the new hat number. The hat number can be found in the URL of the hat. If you don't have the URL, find the hat on the MooMoo wiki (, and scroll down to the footnotes. The link will be there.

If you want more hats, I recommend that you copy the script and paste it into your own tampermonkey script. Just swap out the hats like I explained above. When you want one loadout, enable it in the tampermonkey extension, and disable the other. Theoretically, you can make a bunch of scripts until every hat in the store has a macro.