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Youtube - Fix channel links in sidebar recommendations

Fixes the channel links for the "Up next" and recommended videos below it on youtube.

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  • v0.5.1 22/11/2022

    right click now also opens the channel in a new tab

  • v0.5 29/01/2021 new tab behaviour fixed. Shouldn't auto focus on the new tab anymore
  • v0.4.1 10/10/2019 Added some comments, removed some debugging code I forgot in and fixed a small bug
  • v0.4 10/10/2019 No longer opens the video as well as the channel when channel link pressed with MMB (and now working on Chrome) - "If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid"
  • v0.3 13/01/2019 +Added loading cursor icon (progress) for AJAX
  • v0.2 10/01/2019 +Added option to set whether or not to open channels to the videos section or not (sidebar recomendated links specifically). +Added (partial) support for middle mouse (new tab)
  • v0.1 09/01/2019