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Hit Notifier 2 With web+panda://

Kadauchi's Hit Notifier website, made more usable. Latest update: Several minor bugfixes and overall polish.

Ce script a été supprimé. Blocks access to an unrelated site.

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Improves the UI of Kadauchi's HIT Notifier ( significantly.

This is a major re-visit of a much older script I'd written in the past to make Hit Notifier more usable.

Implemented Features

  • All HITs Expanded.
  • Useless info removed, important info highlighted, sanitized & consistent formatting.
  • Full-width content at all window sizes (better use of limited space in small windows).
  • Slightly darker theme (white and electric blue just isn't that great to stare at throughout the day).
  • Removed redundant "recent" page (The most recent HIT shows up on the "previous" tab anyway).
  • web+panda:// links added.
  • XHR links added (try to catch a HIT without opening a new tab or adding it to a catcher).
  • Quick indicator of whether a HIT is likely a survey shown in purple next to the HIT value.
  • Notification system that was broken with non-HTTPS deprecation fixed and improved to use web+panda:// links.

Planned Features

  • Indicate Masters HITs with a (likely desaturated salmon-red) background coloring.
  • Filtering tools to dynamically show/hide HITs based on certain criteria (certain price range, keywords).
  • Add contextURL metadata to the generated web+panda:// links (Unsure whether to list as the contextURL, or the site it claims the data was scraped coming from).
  • Button on each post to fully remove it (rather than just collapsing, like the original version does).
  • Success / failure sounds to play as appropriate when XHR results are reported.
  • Indicate survey / batch with various border type/width/color combos to make this information easier to scan at a glance.
  • View text of pre-parsed HIT results.
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