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Youtube to Invidious

Scan page for Youtube embeds and urls and replace with Invidious.

Voici les versions de ce script où le code a été modifié. Voir toutes les versions.

  • v8.4 11/08/2019 Small thumbnail fix
  • v8.3 05/08/2019 Link to Invidious on videos works on both old and new Youtube layout now
  • v8.2 05/08/2019 Proxy images and added 'watch on Invidious' button
  • v8.1 28/07/2019 Add support for shortened iframe source url's
  • v8.0 27/07/2019 Add support for embedded playlists
  • v7.2 27/07/2019 Small fix
  • v7.1 22/07/2019 Added more options
  • v7.0 21/07/2019 Core rewrite for multiple fixes
  • v6.8 18/07/2019 Added new invidious instance
  • v6.7 18/07/2019 small fix from previous update
  • v6.6 18/07/2019 Added support for non-standard named iframe attributes.
  • v6.5 10/07/2019 Rollback past update cause it's redundant now :)
  • v6.4 27/05/2019 Added button to visit video page
  • v6.3 18/05/2019 Small fixes
  • v6.2 16/05/2019 Added support for most proxy-embeds and redirection-urls. Also a nice loading image (for when invidious takes some time to load).
  • v6.1 16/05/2019 Small fix for embedly
  • v6 15/05/2019 Added chrome support!
  • v5.2 11/05/2019 Small bug fix
  • v5.1 09/05/2019 Add support for embedly yt embeds
  • v5.0 09/05/2019 Optimization! Should be a lot faster now
  • v4.1 08/05/2019 more robust matching with regexp
  • v4.0 08/05/2019 New autoplay options, local or dash playback, and slight performance improvements!
  • v3.2 29/04/2019 Custom instance and small fixes
  • v3.1 15/12/2018 Change URLs as well on page interaction
  • v3.0 07/12/2018