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TW Inventory Reloaded

Inventaire amélioré et outils pour The West!

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  • New scrollable inventory design
  • New inventory categories
  • Intelligent item search engine, sorting and filtering
  • Better item tooltips with aditional informations
  • Item-Comparison tooltip: How much of an improvement is a new item?
  • Market Scanning that allows you to track items and their prices
  • An alternative to the standard auction browsing window
  • More info (during fort battles, in player profiles..)
  • Intelligent chat with URL recognition
  • Mass telegrams
  • Mass opening - SHIFT + click on the item in your inventory
  • Mass sending of the event currency during supported events
  • Collect reminder for items that have a long cooldowns
  • Useful stats for building your battle plan during fort battles
  • ...and many more!


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Language support

  • English (en)
  • Čeština (cs)
  • Deutsch (de) by Tom Robert
  • Dutch (nl) by Mike, Jesse
  • Ελληνικά (gr) by Timemod Herkumo
  • Español (es) by pepe100
  • Français (fr) by Thathanka
  • Italiano (it) by Billy-AR
  • Magyar (hu) by Aviendha
  • Polski (pl) by Wojcieszy, mxj
  • Português (pt) by jccwest
  • Română (ro) by Totalfs
  • Русский (ru) by Luntik
  • Slovenčina (sk)
  • Türkçe (tr) by RezieaL


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