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TW Inventory Reloaded

Better Inventory and tools for The West!

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TWIR is a highly customizable inventory replacement with some useful tools, designed to help the player find items as quickly and as easily as possible.

Looking for de, fr, ru, ro, dk, hu translators: Click here (other translations). You can send me translated file via forum PM or post it in Feedback. Thanks!

TWIR provides features such as:
  • New inventory design
  • Intelligent item filtering and sorting
  • Detailed inventory statistics
  • Tooltip item counts
  • Better item pop-ups with aditional informations (optional)
  • New categories for products (overrides the default assignment)
  • New inventory search keywords (event, year, type, usability..)

  • Market Watcher
  • Market Watcher is a simple function that scans market and tracks items and their prices. It then calculates and shows a suggested price on the item pop-up, as well as the minimum and maximum prices and the number of times the item was seen on the market. 2.143+ It also shows items you want to buy (if they are on the market).


    Browser Google Chrome, Opera or Firefox - other browsers are not supported yet
    Browser extension Tampermonkey
    Enabled DOM Storage (Local storage)

  • 1. Click on "Install the script" button
  • 2. Enjoy your new inventory!