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Space-efficient Youtube

AKA: "Wide Youtube", AKA: "Wide video container" - Uses the page space on youtube more efficiently (especially good for high resolutions)

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Posté le: 13/07/2021

He does not do anything.

Posté le: 14/07/2021
Édité le: 14/07/2021

I assume you're trying to say the script isn't working for you...

What browser are you using? - Tested to be working at least on Firefox and Chrome
Do you have Tampermonkey installed? - Other userscript managers should probably work, but Tampermonkey is recommended
Are you sure you have the latest version of the script?
Do you have other addons or userscripts that affect youtube? - If so, try disabling all those temporarily to see if they affect it.
Does the script seem to be running? - Check the Tampermonkey dropdown when on a youtube page
Do you get any related errors in the console? - press F12 while on a youtube page

Posté le: 04/02/2022

Interacts only with the "Search results page". I use a different script. Just came by to try yours.

Posté le: 13/02/2022

Do you mean the script isn't running on other pages? Only search results? I don't know how that could be. Could you answer all the questions from my earlier comment so I can get a better idea of what we're dealing with? Also if it's not running on some page, include the url of that page in your comment.

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