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Agario Mod - Legend,Ogario,Kitty,Old Skins,Animated Skins,Language Packs,Manual User Scripts,Chat,60++ Macros/Hotkeys(Tricksplit,Doublesplit,Quick Feeding,Popsplit,Auto Coins,Freeze Cell Macro,Auto respawn)

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The Legend Mod, Author: Jimboy3100
Works only on browsers Chrome, Opera. This Mod is BIG!


  1. Install userscript manager
  2. Install the script
    • Click the green button above or click here


  • Auto Updates
  • Unlimited FPS unlocked (quicker than Vanilla)
  • Old Skins
  • Animated Skins
  • UserScripts Manager (URL or pasted)
  • Language Packs
  • Direct PARTY / FFA / EXP / TEAM server by using tokens/sips or connector
  • Search engine for player name / clan / tag / leaderboard / ip / token
  • Integrated Chat, minimap and teamboard. Chat rooms per server/per team password(or public)
  • New Template / skins / animations / zoom / respawn / helpers / hud controls and many extras
  • Themes for quite all textures and map (Basic / Menu / Hud / chat / minimap / graphics and cursor)
  • Banners for many clans (Email me your symbol and weblink for updates)
  • 60++ Macros / Events / Hotkeys (Script does many calculations)
  • Tools for quests / youtubers / timers / coin auto digger/youtube video player
  • Send message pictures, videos and also various message commands directly to teammate's script
  • Change various textures, add photos on huds and clan's pictures and url links
  • Dying Light Expansion
  • Agario Voice Chat Rooms (Text, Voice, Camera, Share Screen) per Token, per Password
  • Discord webhook handler's for sending IP, and many more...

Legend Mod Promo Video

Promo Vido



Agario Voice Chat Rooms (Text, Voice, Camera, Share Screen) per Token, per Password
Other Mods / Vanilla Voice Compatible script. [Don't install that script if using Legend Mod]
Voice to text button on text area when pressing Enter


Language packs
UserScripts Manager (Url/Pasted)
Old Skins
Animated Skins
3 Easter eggs
4 ways of finding and using server, compatible with all known mods and vanilla.
Added server connector on helloscreen
On settings tab, combo boxes are more organised, added more stuff to tools, interface is very modable
Information button with choosing template added
Minimap can be rotated if player has joined server with Token
Tokens can be send to 2 discord webhooks


Unlimited FPS - Unlocked, game is quicker than vanilla, FPS is the best that agario server can provide
Quicker load of scripts
Compatible for new version of agario, tools added for future updates of agario
SIP (tokens of all modes) are now compatible with all modes and vanilla. If user uses SIP he cannot change server until refresh
Message Commands added. User can give direct commands to his teamer's script, 6 commands added (4 need user permissions)
Message (Imgur) Icons and texts added, that user can use in game communication, can change manualy by user
Troll on death, show timer calculator, chat position and other functions added
Fixed the issues of SIP handlers


SIP handlers, buttons and fuctions added, SIPs are instant locked servers without searching
Chat button added, it can open chat or hide/unhide player from team/clan while playing
Manualy add leaderboard and minimap background picture
Shortcut Extensions are hidden by default, user can choose to use them
Binoculars is the tools that you can unfocus and spectate all map
Many new tools added
Stability issues fixed


"Copy tools" added
Fixed grid issue
Fixed issue of all Graphic Qualities
Fixed issue of banner "connected" showing once instead of multiple times
Various more changes


VanillaSetting and GalaxySettings look much better, HUD font changed to Oswald Bold.
Mass font scale differs depended on Name
TimeInterval function differs depended on connection, for quicker initialize
Various small changes

v0.8 (Auto Updates):

It cloud updates, no more Updates needed by user.
Huge onload perfomance speed, (50% less). Test it Yourself!
Less lag.
Bug Fixes, less cookies stored.
Banners depend on nickname and not of clantag.
Many more!

***AgarioScriptsAgarioScripts is a much lighter Script Manager, compatible with all user.js APIs that provides better performace (more FPS), because it doesnt interfere with 3rd party websites. Remove Tampermonkey if used. Greasefork does not calculate installs from AgarioScript as Daily Installs

****Jimboy3100's Agario Github Library