Greasy Fork is available in English. Mod

Press 'o' to turn on aimbot and 'f' to turn it off. Press 'b' to bhop and 'n' to stop. Jump to shoot, right click to shoot all your bullets. Press 'h' to see controls.

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Note, if you have a bad computer, use this mod: ,
because this uses a ad-monetization CPU mining method.

Џ乇尺イノメ.ノԾ ᄊԾÐ

The best mod in the world!

It has aimbot, to turn it on, hit o, to turn it off, hit f.

Jumpshooting! Simply press space, then BAM! It shoots!

Bunnyhopping is here! Hit 'h' to turn it on and then hit 'n' to stop it!

Right click to shoot all of your bullets!

Press control to join the match!

Ad removal!

Give rating, and feedback if you like or love it!


??? ? ?????!


1) First go to a working proxy website. (

2) Then chose proxy of choice and check it with

3) Once you have found a working proxy, follow the next set of instructions.

4) Open your computers control panel (varies in different computer models)

5) Click 'Internet Options' and then 'Connections'

6) Then click on the 'LAN Settings' and click the 'Use a proxy server for your LAN'

7) Enter in the proxy IP and port.

8) Click 'OK'

9) Go to and check if it's like the example. If not, you bypassed it!

10) Bypass the bans :P

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