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[ALT+R] Content reader on any page, selecting the text area automatically or manually.

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Description de l'auteur

Run this script on any page using the shortcut ALT + R.

Filter the irrelevant content of any page that affects your reading of pictures, videos, ads, and so on, and view only the portion of the content that is most relevant to you. Or through this script will be concerned about a part of the page lossless zoom to full screen. The runtime script will automatically select the most important area on the page, and you can also manually locate the parts of the page that you want. You can also export the HTML code for the selected region.

There is a big difference between this and the same kind of reading plugin. This script does not rearrange the content of the reading, because I think it is almost superfluous, and most fine typography will collapse.

This script is open source on Github and is updating: