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Avis: Bon - le script fonctionne correctement

Posté le: 01/09/2021
Édité le: 01/09/2021

Could you please add an option to make videos automatically open in full-screen mode when you click on them just like how you already have an option to automatically open videos in theatre mode?

Posté le: 29/11/2021

Sorry for the late reply. This isn't really something I can do actually. True fullscreen is something that scripts cannot activate for security reasons, and can only be activated when a user interacts with an element on the page with an event handler. While it might be possible to create a fake fullscreen that works similarly, it will likely have issues and be prone to breaking and is not something I want to try to implement.

Perhaps that user-script someone else linked will do what you want. Thank you for the suggestion though.

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