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Block Opener on Targeted Links

Add rel attribute values on mouseup to block window.opener in the linked site, also blocks referer (2016-09-01)

Jefferson Scher
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You may find it troubling that when you follow a link in Tab 1 (Site A) which is targeted to open Site B in a new window or tab, Site B can change the page in Tab 1 from Site A to Site B, or Site C, or whatever it wants.

This script adds two rel attribute values (rel="noopener noreferrer") to such targeted links to limit the potential for that. It does not attempt to clean up uses of, however.

An unfortunate (?) side effect: Site B cannot tell the source of the referral was Site A. This may break "hotlink protection" or other aspects of authentication on some sites.

To disable this global script on a specific site: Use the Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey user excludes feature to prevent the script from running on the source site (the site with the links you want to work normally).