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Feedly filtering and sorting

Enhance the feedly website with advanced filtering and sorting capabilities

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Feedly filtering and sorting

When this script is enabled, a filter icon will appear next to the settings icon that toggles the filtering and sorting menu.

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Advanced settings

Import settings

This script requires the Unread Only option to be enabled (in the feedly settings / filters). Unread Only


  • Filtering: Hide the articles that contain at least one of the filtering keywords.
  • Restricting: Show only articles that contain at least one of the restricting keywords.
  • Multi level sorting: by popularity, by title, by source or by publish date.
  • Auto load all unread articles.
  • Advanced controls of the recently published articles.
  • Pin hot articles to top.
  • Import settings from other subscriptions or from global settings.
  • Link settings to other subscriptions.

Two settings modes are available:

  • Global settings: same settings used for all subscriptions and categories.
  • Subscription settings:
    • Subscription and category specific settings
    • The default settings values are the global settings.
    • A group of subscriptions can share the same settings by linking them to the same subscription.

Presentation support:

  • The Title Only view is fully supported.
  • The Magazine view is supported except the Most popular section (Only filtering and restricting supported in this section).
  • Recently published articles controls not supported in the Cards view (publish age not available in this view).
  • The Full Articles view is fully supported.


Can be found here.


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This script relies on the user scripts extensions like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey.

After installing the appropriate user scripts extension, you can install the script from the following sites:


The Greasemonkey extension should be installed.

Google Chrome

The Tampermonkey extension should be installed.

Dev Installation

Install NodeJS & NPM (

npm install
npm install -g grunt
npm install -g typings
typings install

To build manually:

To automatically build on source code change:
grunt watch