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Remove anti-adblock, ads, popups and timer waits, and show direct download link

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Posté le: 04/03/2019
Édité le: 04/04/2019

Non functional.

Hi! I've been using this script for a while now but for the last few weeks it has stopped working. I'm running Chrome 72 with TamperMonkey. I don't get direct download links any more, only the timer removal on the standard Openload download page. As of today I can't even click the download button, nothing happens when I do, instead I have to disable the script in order for downloads to work.


Posté le: 04/03/2019

Script updated.

Openload changed their script three times in two days. Hope this will be stable. Please, change your rate to "Good" if you like the script. Thanks.

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