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Avis: Bon - le script fonctionne correctement

Posté le: 02/02/2018

Autodownloading & Ads

Great userscript! Somehow this code snippet of your userscript causes the file or video to auto-download: var tmrstreamurl = setInterval(function(){ if( $(streamurl).text() != 'HERE IS THE LINK' ) { $('#realdl a').attr('href', '/stream/' + $(streamurl).text()); $('#videooverlay').click(); clearInterval(tmrstreamurl); } },100); But I don't want that to happen. I find it pretty annoying too. I'm not sure what this code snippet is exactly meant for, but at least make it an option for it to autodownload (even if this was unintended). Also, without my regular adblocker, ads still show up for me. (selector = .exo-native-widget-outer-container) The adblocker says it blocked 3 things. Maybe this is helpful for you:

Posté le: 02/02/2018
Ok, it seems that the autodownloading was caused by another userscript: and somehow that code snippet triggers it.

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