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The-West Collections

Tips and reporting missing items collections
List of collection ans sets needed items
Bank fees on mouseover
Various shortcuts
All reports deletion
Fees in bank
Additional buttons in inventory (duplicates,useables, recipes, sets)
etc ...

Join me on World 1 or on Alamogordo Beta World

Astuces et signalement des items manquants des collections
Liste des items manquants des collections et des sets
Frais bancaires en survol avant dépot
Divers raccourcis et fonctions
Suppressions des rapports
Frais bancaires
Affichage doublons, recette, consommables, sets dans l'inventaire,

Rejoins moi sur le monde 1 ou
le monde 3


TW Collections script contains just the french and english languages, for another language you can install one of the translations below:

To add a new language to the TW Collections script:

Features & Screenshots

List of items needed for collections:

List of items needed for sets :

Display the missing items to the collections on the market:

Bank fees on mouseover:

Only search for missing items on the market ( clothcalc is needed):

Various Shortcuts:

Additional buttons in inventory:

Additional buttons in craft window for search item at market and find corresponding job in minimap

Remove all reports:

Logout Button: