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Youtube Logo - Link to subscriptions feed

Change YouTube logo link to user's subscription feed instead of homepage, when logged in, for 2017 and later YouTube layout.

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Avis: OK - le script fonctionne, mais souffre de quelques problèmes

Posté le: 25/11/2022

ANY sort of interaction with the logo forces the page to go into subscriptions.

Even right clicking the logo makes the page change. Or middle clicking.

Let's say I'm watching a video and want to open a new subs tab from the logo, middle clicking the logo opens a new tab but also goes to the subscriptions page from the video.

VERY annoying. Please fix.

Otherwise an absolute lifesaver of a script.

Posté le: 25/11/2022

I fixed it.

Commenting out line 45 like this:

// logo.addEventListener("pointerdown", LogoClick); // Process screen touch on logo

fixed it.

Posté le: 07/12/2022

Yes that will fix it but will disable touch screen actions on the logo.

I wasn't able to find a fix to allow middle/right clicks :(

Posté le: 11/09/2023

I share in the frustration. I wish the author of this script repaired this issue.

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