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Youtube UI Fix

Moves the controls under the video and makes the UI look like it was before august 2015

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Posté le: 30/04/2020
Édité le: 01/05/2020

A glitch about embedded videos (fixed)

When watching embedded videos in any websites, the player only show "watch later" button (clock icon) at bottom right corner but no buttons of "settings", "watch on Youtube" and "full screen". The scripts work correctly while browsing Youtube and I also disable all other scripts for confirming the problem.

Posté le: 30/04/2020

The problem was that the watch later button that was added, had a bit of text below it.

Should be fixed in version 2.4.9 (by adding some css to hide the piece of text).

Posté le: 01/05/2020

Thank you. This issue is fixed now.

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