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and links lead to — all kinds: http/https, www/no-www, short/long — bypass this script by holding CTRL+ALT+SHIFT

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Voici les versions de ce script où le code a été modifié. Voir toutes les versions.

  • v2019.4.12 - FIX #429: Links with bogus spaces don’t trigger the script
  • v2018.4.4 - FIX #358: has still been blocking my licences for months… I didn’t notice. Continuing ☞ I’m really wondering again: Abandon or continue to adapt to GF and OUJS (#396). Previous fix (GPL-3.0+) 3161796570372feb4f48a4f71f4b2d8848d7e8dc did work but no more. Now GPL-3.0-or-later deb8c4b2081ac328d7403df2b401746a32b21b56 seems to be accepted.
  • v2018.4.4 - FIX #396: GF and OUJS: Abandon or continue to adapt GF mirror should now update back again as I’ve reverted to GF hosted libraries. OUJS mirror support was already fixed by new licences (#358).
  • v2016.6.15 - FIX #358: OUJS has not updated my scripts since 25/11/2017. A specific licence pattern is now required. Bumped only the versions more recent than 25/11/2017.
  • v2016.6.15 - update browser support
  • v2016.6.15 - Synced from GitHub - Security improvement: using match instead of include (closes #192). Added //* support where it was missing.
  • v2016.2.25 - Synced from GitHub - Updating some `@changelog`, `@supportURL` and `@compatible` meta data.
  • v2016.2.25 - Synced from GitHub - FIX: #161: “immediate mode”¹ was broken by mb_PREFERRED-MBS code copy². ¹ 25f56a6e237b27aa40b11114b13186d90099774c OK document-start + document.addEventListener ² ae58012a83630c5e50a4dd31e2a1c637193564b5 NG document-start + document.body.addEventListener - Copy style from mb_PREFERRED-MBS (#151).
  • v2016.1.14 - Synced from GitHub - missing semicolon
  • v2016.1.14 - Synced from GitHub - Visually mark changed anchors. Criss‐Cross‐Combine features of mb-Preferred-MBS × USO-to-USMO.
  • v2015.7.31.2222 - Synced from GitHub - metadata
  • v2015.7.31.2222 - Synced from GitHub - detailed browser versions (after #86 work)
  • v2015.7.31.2222 - Synced from GitHub - immediate launch, no need to wait
  • v2015.7.31.1204 - Synced from GitHub - Fixes #85: Does not catch “//” starting URL (thanks to @Martii)
  • v2015.7.30.2345 - Imported from URL