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Redirect Old Oblvion / Skyrim Nexus Mods and Tesnexus Links

Redirects old oblivion nexus links to the proper place

TJ Lester
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Redirects old Oblivion/Skyrim tesnexus/nexus mod links to the proper place.

Very useful these days as the vast majority of olbivion nexus mod links in descriptions and other places on the web are currently broken, as while itself is still up, it does not properly redirect. This simple lightweight script fixes that.

oblivon/skyrim/ also don't redirect properly, so this solves that as well.

It does it in a very simple manner that should work well on any browser. Tested with chrome + tampermonkey and firefox + greasemonkey. Unlike some redirect scripts that break going back, this one I added a 900ms delay so the back button will also work so you can regular left click a link, look at it, then return to the previous page without issues. (just have to double click you back button)