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Google Black Bar Returns Now Customizable!

This Script brings back the Google Navigation Bar with customizable options, and removes the App Grid navigation entirely. You can change the links on the bar, the colors of the bar, the background image of the bar, and if the bar is always visible, or not. Check for updates regularly for bug fixes, and new features!

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Avis: Bon - le script fonctionne correctement

Posté le: 08/07/2018

Unable to setup the Bar

Hi ! First many thanks and congratulations for your work.

Since new version of Firefox Quantum (v 61) Greasemonkey 3.17 does not work anymore and with newer versions, it is impossible to personalize the bar. Please make an update.

One other big problem is that each time Firefox updates, all the customs settings are done and we have to setup them again that is very annoying.

Thanks for your help.


Posté le: 08/07/2018

Have you tried tampermonkey?

Posté le: 05/12/2018

Yeah ! Many thanks ! I only discover your message in december but it works with tampermonkey and i'm now happy to use this script again !

Posté le: 09/03/2019

Unfortunately, now in Tampermonkey also does not work, neither in Chrome, nor in Opera ... The bar does not appear at all... What is the reason anyone knows? How to solve a problem? Please! Thank you in advance!

Posté le: 10/05/2019

Instead of this script, try this one!

I originally wrote this script quite a few years ago. The link I shared is a newer script I have wrote to fix many things wrong with this outdated script. Please hop on over to the new script :)

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