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Google Black Bar Returns Now Customizable!

This Script brings back the Google Navigation Bar with customizable options, and removes the App Grid navigation entirely. You can change the links on the bar, the colors of the bar, the background image of the bar, and if the bar is always visible, or not. Check for updates regularly for bug fixes, and new features!

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Avis: Bon - le script fonctionne correctement

Posté le: 12/04/2016

Great, but performance could be faster

Hi, I love this script as the other way to return it was recently disabled by google (no more &noj =/)

But I have one issue with it:
When I do a really quick navbar search in chrome and very quickly click the first result knowing its correct - this script can often cause me fail.

Because it loads slowly, takes about a second or so, so by the time I point at the link, the page jumps. (and I have an ultra fast machine and 200 Mbps fiberop connection, so it's not limited by it.)

You could fix this in a couple ways:
1) Pre reserve the space at the top for the bar before the page loads so the page doesn't jump.
2) Try to improve the performance so it just loads very quickly along with the page. Id be happy with a cutdown "light" version of the script without any customization options for example if it loaded fast.

Unrelated bug:
The dropdown menu does not work for me. Once i mouse over, it appears fine. But as I move my mouse down to select an option, it disappears the moment I move outside of the top of the bar, making any drop down options unclickable. - Low priority to me as I don't use that part of the script anyways - I disabled it soon as I could.

Thanks for the script.

Posté le: 27/04/2017

Hey T.J.!

I am the original script author, I wrote this many years ago for Userscripts. I stopped writing it whenever that site started to crash. q1k was kind enough to host it here for others, and tried to update it whenever they could. (And kudos to them, thats some messy code I wrote!)

I am working on a new script to completely replace this one. I now understand JavaScript a little better than I did before, in the new script the bar will be loaded instantly. There won't be any "load" time at all. There have been some improvements to both Javascript and Greasemonkey since I first wrote this script to allow me to better handle such things like that. Having the bar load after the page finished fully loading was a real pain to deal with, I shared your frustration there!

Also relating to that drop down menu bug, the way I wrote the HTML for the bar the two were not actually connected so I'm assuming whenever you tried to move from the Google bar to the menu there was a slight gap causing the drop down to hide when you move towards it. That will also be fixed, that was just poor design on my end.

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