Request after pixiv's recent update

About: Pixiv Display All Images

I have happily been using this userscript, but it stopped working over the last week because of pixiv's recent changes (like urls changing to artworks/* from the previous /member_illust.php?*). I saw you probably wouldn't update the script and figured I'd try the Chrome extension, but it doesn't work (I'm syncing properly, too).

Regardless, all I want is the basic function of this userscript -- displaying all the original images and being able to use the down arrow key to navigate without jumping to the next image like pixiv does. From what I saw of the preview for Mini Pixiv, it looks like the extension comes with a ton of additional UI-changing things that you can't disable, so even if it worked, I'm pretty sure I'd be unhappy with it.

Is there any chance you can update this userscript? I don't have the know-how to change anything myself, so I would really appreciate it!


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