TES has night mode now

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TES added night mode a few weeks ago, so this fork of it might be a bit redundant.


  • July 2018 modifié Chrome

    I am aware of night mode on TES. i just like mine a little different than what you provided. Such as the color choice for your night mode, cam/mic button location, and chat format. Just slight changes i wanted compared to what you provided.

  • I can actually make a skin that looks like yours if you want. I'm also thinking of adding custom user skins and maybe even custom user CSS.

  • Also, there's a new night mode that's all black like yours. Not just the default gray one from a few weeks ago.

  • July 2018 modifié Chrome

    Yea you're using a different black, it makes a big diff to me, honestly.

    if you're able to move the buttons like mine. allow color choice, and remove all the extra buttons top left. You really only need to leave "Live Directory", also i made it where the top collapse, completely closes, and when you hover, you see just the settings and room name.

    then that'd be sick man!
    So custom user skins would be great.

    I use to make themes for tiny back before beta, but ever since the changed to the 'shadow-root' method, i couldnt figure out how to force inject, thats why i took the opportunity when i saw your code. (which is amazing code btw)

  • you reported and got mine deleted? its just a theme man...

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