Tinychat Text Colors with Paid Accounts

About: Tinychat Enhancement Suite (TES)

Excellent work on the Tinychat Enhancement Suite! I love the recently added "Night Mode" feature and was curious if the following was possible:

Tinychat displays paid subscribed usernames (Pro/Extreme/Gold) in the chat box with the following colors:

Pro (Green)
Extreme (Purple)
Gold (Gold)

Currently, the "Night Mode" feature strips these colors from being displayed. Is this something that can be fixed or toggled?

Thanks for the excellent work, TES is one of the better Greasy Fork user scripts.

Screenshot of example: https://i.imgur.com/kSjNpo9.png


  • Good point! This is in now. Would have been up sooner if the server migration wasn't going on today.

  • MutationObserver,

    Excellent work, it works like a charm!

    Much thanks!

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