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Chrome v77.0.3865.120 Official build x64 and v2.24 of Instagram Reloaded on Tampermonkey (Win 10 x64). I've disabled all extensions and scripts, and checked that my shift keys are working properly.

Alt+F just opens Chrome's menu and shift+click doesn't do anything. If you click fast enough it acts as a double click and "likes" the current image. Same behaviour with alt+click.


  • Hi "Yo momma". What exactly are you viewing?

    • profile feed or single post (popup or embed)?

    Unfortunately I cannot test Windows systems. I will try and check it on Mac with same setup

  • I have the same problem with Mozilla Firefox 69.0.3 x64 using Instagram Reloaded v2.24 on Tampermonkey for win10, its stopped working at any Instagram page. Shift+Click / Alt+click nothing happends.

    Here is a few examples where it has worked before.

  • Just updated the script after a lot of testing and hopefully bug fixing. Please update and try it.

  • T'was single posts, both popup and embed. Updated and working like a charm now.

    Many, many thanks!

  • :) thanks for the bug report. glad it's working for you.

  • Thank you for the update, its works now :)

  • You're welcome @branque

  • Looks like it's broken again as it both asks login at the end of the page and dimmed center login windows after some scrolling in every instagram example I've tried of. Probably they're aware of your existence to constantly modify their script to block your current workaround as it's a repeating cycle and hoping you can keep up with it.

    Thanks for your efforts and if you have the time please fix it as "logging in" seems a better option right now instead of ad-blocking ever changing internal name of the script/HTML tag.

  • October 2019 modifié [?]

    hey @Black3ird - I dont know what you mean by asking to login. Can you make a video or screenshot (and what browser/os you are using).

    I tried my script just now and it seems to work (open a image from a popup).

    UPDATE: I just found out instagram is becoming a bigger pain in the ass from day to day: they split videos into audio and video stream. So even if I add a fix to get the new source file, we still would end with a video-only file, missing the sound.

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