After updating to version 0.5 the script is running again!

About: Corrected Coords



  • Where am I now able to see how many credits I have an switch on and off the upload of my corrected Coords to the server ?

  • the script often returns that I have to wait 57 seconds.... and after 57seconds of waiting another minute without returning the result

  • [?]

    After the Update I miss the bulk upload Side.
    Where is this gone ?
    I had uploaded more as than 3000 coordinates before the new update come....

  • I have no control about my credits, that's not fair - If there is a problem in getting the coordinates out of Barny database, the return value (result) ist is only 'wait ... seconds' - no error message as with the old version (pink result field)

  • new changed coordinates are NOT uploaded to Barny's server anymore !!!

    How about to fix this problem. Let me know, if I can help

  • [?]

    Try contacting Barny on Facebook... :)

  • I do not know which is the right one in facebook

  • [?]

    Try this one:
    Otherwise look for " Discussiëren met Barny"

  • 6 Nov modifié [?]

    The question to the responsible programmer is:
    what has to be send in the POST data part for getting back the number of already uploaded solutions and the already used accesses to the Barney database ???

    function membershipPage() {
        if (requestToken(membershipPage)) { return };
            url: url,
            method: 'POST',
            headers: {
                //'Content-type': 'application/x-www-forms-urlencoded',
                'Accept': 'application/json',
            data: postData({
                'stats': 'x',
                'token': GM_getValue('token_value'),
            onload: (resp) =>  {
            onerror: (data) => {
  • [?]

    In the beginning one had to wait several seconds to get the corrected coordinates... now you have to wait between 9 minutes and two hours... :(

  • the problem ist the membership page, here was the trigger to initiate to upload your changed coords to Barney's database server and to earn credits for it. Now the information about how many solutions have already been uploaded and downloaded is gone.

    so far nobody answered to my questions, I cannot ehlp, I am sorry !

  • it was till tomorrow 55 seconds, now I have to wait longer and longer

  • that's the problem ! they have to fix it... or let me do it, but I need access to the server :-)

  • 21 minutes waiting. :-(

  • [?]

    One can reach Barny only at Facebook as it seems....

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