Youtube Play Next Queue - Good Job! (but a request / Question)

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Work great but can't find a way to play the videos in queue automatically:
I need to click each time the play button....
Maybe it's a another script which interfere ,
But i show them and don't find which it's responsible...
Auto Play is enable.
I use Youtube Magic Action Addon / Waterfox

Re-edit: sometime the auto play work...strange ;;;


  • Hey decembre,

    Busy week, haven't been able to take a look at your request.
    Will take a look later. Thanks for your patience!

  • 19 Oct modifié [?]

    I have make an adaptation for you script in my Userstyles:
    Youtube Tweak WideScreen

  • Hey decembre,

    I'm having a lot of issues with waterfox on my computer...
    Can you take a look if the latest version works for you? I still had to update this script so that it works with youtube+ and youtube center. Maybe that also fixes your issues.

  • 21 Oct modifié [?]

    After a quick test your script seems working perfectly!
    Thanks Cptmathix, for your attention....

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