Highlight only show in first result and galleries' column shift from header

About: E-H Visited

This is what I see https://imgur.com/a/d1Es7Et
Highlight only show in topmost gallery. I notice that titles from galleries I visited prior are greyed but maybe this is from 2019 update.
This also happen in other page, not just first results.
I already disable all other ehentai script to help you find out what went wrong.
Previously I have experience with superlatinum's show visited script and his script also cause shifting like ths.


  • This is what I see in e-h. I only change the color, nothing else. The only difference than exh is the column that supposed to show last date visited now causing the top gallery to shift.

  • @Hyoros
    Thanks for the screenshots, I have seen that problem before but thought it was fixed.
    Please let me know your browser name, and version of the script you have installed.
    Do you mind sending a screenshot of the developer console as well, just in case something is there?

  • October 2019 modifié [?]

    I haven't check this site for weeks. And now after I check back, your script works perfectly. I'm using ver 3.15 in Firefox 42. This is List and Thumbnail view + the dev console in e-h

    Additional question. When I upload gallery, it also highlight the thumbnail images even though I haven't visit the pictures.

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