Allows pasting into YouTube comments again

About: Fix paste on YouTube


  • Thank you for this. I can understand that youtube might want to not allow a crap ton of text being pasted into its pages by rabid posters, but you'd think they would have created a rule on the number of characters able to be pasted. This is an old php rule I know for certain. Anyways, thanks again Mister Scher.
  • November 2015 modifié Firefox
    If you take a look at the damn script that blocks pasting on youtube it's Google's BotGuard.
    The js file begins with:
    /* Anti-spam. Want to say hello? Contact (base64) Ym90Z3VhcmQtY29udGFjdEBnb29nbGUuY29t */

    If one decodes it from base64 it says:

    I think (not sure) in Google Chrome it just blocks accounts it considers suspicious, but seems to block everyone in Firefox...
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