Does it work?

About: The Wall Street Journal Full Text Articles

Hi - I might be missing something: installed the script, it's active, still a paywall on WSJ. Granted, I don't understand what is "the AMP version". Is anything specific required when you hit a paywall? Thanks!


  • AMP might be referring to the google redirect link. May have to do a little research

  • This script works on every article I've read up to now, although it doesn't handle videos very well.

    It might be that the article you are browsing has a different layout than the others.

  • August 2019 modifié [?]

    I'm having the same issue as Dima - paywall. Never mind: two scripts were in conflict with one another. Problem solved.

  • Any way to enable the reading of subscriber comments ("responses")? When I click comments, nothing happens.

  • Comments do not seem to work. The script is focused solely on the article contents.

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