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Make 'games' stronger:
There are at least a dozen more .io games that the filters do not match (most daily downloads include zombs\w*|krunker|moomoo|skribbl|surviv).

I suggest just filter all domains ending in .io for now, unless there are any non-gaming sites ending in .io for which userscripts are being hosted in Greasy Fork.

Anyone reading this wants to try this out in their own browser, in the second line under filters that starts with 'Games': /Aimbot, insert \w+\.io| so that the line now starts with 'Games': /\w+\.io|Aimbot.

Make 'Non-ASCII' weaker
I appreciate the sentiment seeing how many Greasy Fork descriptions are wrongly tagged as being in English when they clearly are not. (FWIW, I left a comment on a number of such pages to ask the author to fix this).

That said, limiting the acceptable range of valid characters to 7-bit ASCII is probably filtering out a number of perfectly acceptable English results due to some names and/or descriptions containing bullet points, nonbreaking spaces, the trademark symbol, the degrees symbol, etc. I suggest darkred/valacar/kuehlschrank exclude any character used in the Chigago Manual of Style and/or Oxford English Dictionary, or for a much simplier workaround, increase the list of valid characters so that common punctuation characters between \x80 and \xBF (in Windows 1252 and ISO-8859-1 sets) are also allowed. It allows a few obscure accented letters and inverted punctuation marks, but as a practical matter, nothing coherent can slip through.

Do it yourself: In the first filter line that reads 'Non-ASCII': /[^\x00-\x7F\s]+/i, just change 7 to B.


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    Added your suggestions in the new version.
    Please change the rating to "No rating - just a question, comment, feature request, or bug report".

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