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I think the problem is how to calculate the maximum stats to add in each level-up.
I still can not find the correct mathematical series that gives me a formula to calculate the maximum stat.

lvl -to- lvl = how many points available to distribute in each stat
291-292= 19
292-293= 19
293-294= 19
294-295= 19
295-296= 19
296-297= 19
297-298= 19
298-299= 19

This is what I know .. as I go level I'm noting the amount of stats-up and always are 19 (fk 19 does not change...)


  • It's 40 per level for first 25 levels, then 19 per level. Are you sure, that you are over the bank value of money?

  • Yes, i have 150M+ but.. wait a moment, when the scrip add stats? after level-up?

  • every page reload it triesto raise each stat ONCE.

    I had a problem with mass buying stats, so had to revert to this method.

  • Crap. They've changed the data to send to server. Fixed now

  • It works perfect now. Thank!!!!

  • I turned every option off, set autostats to 500k(I have 1.5mil) but it doesn't work, I tried to close+open the page and refresh too :(

  • Have you waited until you gained a new level? Because that's the trigger for the script.

  • At that moment - no, but now - yes and it doesn't work. But now is paranoia mode is turned on. Could that be a problem?

  • Maybe...
    I'm not using the P-Mode...
    Also I recognized, that right after a level-up the skript doesn't update my stats right away... but it does some time later, I'm not sure what the trigger is, or when the script checks the stats... but for the last 60 level or so, it worked flawless... just try and wait 24h...

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