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Search is not working on the right bar :(

I love this script btw and I would love to see it on the new youtube if that is possible!


  • Hey Niiky,

    Search is working on my end. Are you logged in? If you press CTRL + SHIFT + I, do you see any strange errors?

    Sorry for the inconvenience! And I'll try to make this script for the new youtube but I can't promise anything.

  • Thanks for responding!

    You're right, it's working on another computer I have.
    I posted this because wasn't working in my desktop neither in my laptop.

    But worked on my 2nd desktop...

    Actually I'm facing the most disturbing and weird problem I've had with computers xD.

    Tested way too many things, uninstall windows updates, uninstall chrome multiple times, logout - login again, change chrome version, chrome beta, safe mode, uninstall extensions, firewall..... nothing lol

    I don't know what it is.. if maybe windows version.. some block.. or I don't know but never saw this hahah

    Most funny part is in network panel on developer tools, the response source code of the search, is working. but doesn't downlaod the thumbnail images and it's not showing anything.

  • Well I really have no idea why it doesn't work on your side. So I won't be able to fix the issue unfortunately :/

  • I've looked better into it, I was looking on the network responses but now on the dev tools console I've saw there is a error:

  • Can you tell me which script you use to restore old youtube? If you use the "disable_polymer=1" script, search will indeed break since requests made with javascript are not redirected to the old youtube.

    To prevent this a script that uses cookies like my script will always request old youtube. (Cookies are automatically send with each request)

    I've released a fix so you can still use "disable_polymer", but I recommend the cookie one.

    If this didn't fix your problem, I'm afraid that I don't know what's happening.

  • omg!

    Why are you such a beautiful developer? Hahah seriously, thank you very much for this fix.

    You restored my youtube experience to maximum again. Love this script and I dont know what I will do without it xD

    Thanks again!!!!

  • No problem! Glad that it works for you now.


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