Refuses to work on instagram with Greasemonkey

About: DownAlbum
June 2018 modifié dans Discussions de script Firefox

Version does not work on instagram anymore. When you click "DownAlbum" the current tab is cloned. No image or video links are collected. I had to revert to version Here everything works as expected except a small error message "Cannot get query id, using fallback instead". Nevertheless links are properly collected. [Waterfox 56.1.0 (64-Bit)]


  • I've tested with Firefox and it works with Violentmonkey

    Is there any error message appeared in console?
    (Press Win: Ctrl + Shift + J / Mac: Cmd + Opt + J)

  • June 2018 modifié Firefox

    I use Greasemonkey. Here is the console window with

  • Here is the console window with which works well apart from the little error message I mentioned.

  • I switched to Violentmonkey and can now confirm that DownAlbum works fine on Instagram with Waterfox / Firefox

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