For no Russian people, can you add an US description in your script info?

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For no Russian people, can you add an US description in your script info?
Here a Google trad:
_"On the Internet, there are many sites that bypass advertising in browsers based on Google Chrome and Safari using the WebSocket component.
Connections through it are not tracked by the tools provided by the browser for extensions.
This script works as a wrapper around the WebSocket component and blocks the download of resources from some well-known advertising domains used in Runet.

For uBlock Origin users, there is already an uBlock Origin WebSocket extension from the same author, which allows uBlock Origin to block connections via WebSocket and is recommended to be used instead of this script.

Locking WS for Adblock Plus users is still in development and will not require the installation of an additional extension"_

I found some explanation:


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    Ok, updated description.

    Regarding WS:
    Technically this script is a bit outdated and not needed at all anymore. Modern version of this script is integrated in RU AdList JS Fixed and it's very basic one. It doesn't attempt to catch some corner-cases like WS in WebWorker or WS taken from fresh IFRAME object. And it's only enabled in Maxthon browser and Firefox before v58. So, if you using a modern Fx of Chrome then you don't need this script at all.

    BTW, in modern browsers you don't need WS extension for uBlock Origin either.

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