The dismiss update message is out of control

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Your red update warning box about greasemonkey settings loss is showing every single time, no matter if I dismiss it or not.

Relevant data: Tampermonkey/Firefox v60 dev

No settings lost since update.


  • March 2018 modifié Chrome
    Can you go to your local storage (F12 > Storage > Local Storage > and tell me what's your value of byuver? It should be 2.3.3 with no blank spaces.
  • March 2018 modifié Firefox
    You are correct, but the error occurs regardless:
  • I'm sorry but I have no idea, I've also tried Firefox v60 and it still works fine for me. Have you tried to delete the value and refresh the page twice?
    For now I've updated the code, if the error persists you can hide the updates, in the beginning of the code set 'showUpdates' to false instead of true.
  • March 2018 modifié Firefox
    I'm curious why localstorage to keep user settings? It can be used for tracking:

    There are extensions to purge said storage for privacy, they have many users:

    You might notice this issue on Chrome as well if you purge your cache fully.

    I used Greasemonkey for years, the poor decisions of the author forced me to Tampermonkey when his addon fully broke with the FF57 release, it has since been a shadow of its former glory.

  • No can definitely reproduce the issue on 2.3.4 if I clear cache with CTRL+SHIFT+DEL
    localstorage is a bad place to store settings
  • I've decided to change to localStorage after a user told me that the script didn't work for them because the GM functions that I previously used to store values aren't supported anymore by Greasemonkey, they were changed to async functions, something unfortunately that I've some trouble with, so in the meantime to make it work for everyone I use localStorage, but I'm already working on it. I've actually already made it work with the new functions, on both Chrome and Firefox either using Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey, so hopefully I'm going to releasing it soon. Just making sure it's all correct and that I've actually understood what I did since I still kind of not get promises, really.
  • I'm leaving this at a green rating and hope for the best. Else I must downgrade to the previous versions or disable the red box manually in my copy inside Firefox.

    Thanks Greasemonkey users :(
  • July 2018 modifié Firefox

    Ah I see you removed the localstorage references.
    I can finally upgrade and it is working good!

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