Script not working but extension is...

About: IG Helper: download Instagram pic & vids
It has suddenly stopped bringing the Save As... dialog, nothing happens when I click the cloud button. I've made no changes to my Chrome / extensions config, so it's weird...

At the same time IG Helper extension works like charm! I'd like to get back to the script version though...

Can you please advise what should I check in the browser to see if nothing conflicts with this script?


  • I think that Chrome 65 has updated its security policy. Wait for Tampermonkey to update.

    I'll see if there is any other way to solve it.

    Thanks for feedback :smile:

  • Hi @mikolajek

    UserScript v1.8.8 is fixed on chrome v65.

  • Stunning, many thanks for this, @mittya!
    I've updated the script and the new version works flawlessly!
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