Large # of animes rarely finish loading

About: MyAnimeList(MAL) - Your Own "Seasonal" Animelist
I have almost 700 animes that this script loads (by far the best way I've found to filter through my large list of plan-to-watch animes), but as of late, it's been failing to finish loading more and more often.

It was to the point that I would get telling me I was making Too Many Requests for 5 minutes soon after every single time I pressed Refresh on this script.

I modified the script myself to add a small delay between each recursive call of startScript, about 1 second, and that has helped immensely - time to finish loading isn't too much longer, and it now always finishes loading successfully.


  • 13 Mar modifié Chrome
    Hey TimeBomb,

    Looks like MAL changed the amount of requests you can send in one second. I've updated the script, it's slower but also a lot more reliable.
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