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I am but a simple hacker, but it seems there is a problem with line 30 in the current version of the script (2016.6.15) and my setup (Firefox Quantum 58.0.1 (64-bit)+Tampermonkey 4.5.5660): "element = getParent(element, "a");", which seems to make the script not function on some web sites and throws the error: "'getParent' is not defined". I am guessing this has something to do with Firefox's move to WebExtensions. In my hacking I found that, if you change this line to "element = element.parentElement;", it will function correctly.


  • Hello Mirellanmal.
    Thank yo uvery much for this feedback.
    Is Firefox Quantum, Firefox v57 and above?

    It seems you have the required library that have been unloaded for some reason.
    It also happens to me with Violentmonkey and I don’t really know why.

    Could you help me pin point the problem?

    1. Edit my script and change version number from 2016.6.15 to 1977.6.24 or anything anterior to real version

    2. Close the editor and force the update

    3. Please tell me if the script works again at this point
      The problem would then be related to that supposedly library issue

    4. If not, please replace the line 20 // @require by this line 20 // @require

    5. Please tell me again if it works now. :)
      The problem would then be related to that other more recent supposedly library issue

    The problem with your patch is that it does not work when you click on italic word in <a href="">text in <b>bold plus <i>italic</i></b></a>

    But anyway maybe I will change my script, maybe I don’t even need to find parents, I didn’t needed it at first.

    But if you help me diagnose this library issue with Firefox Quantum 58, it would really help me and all my scripts using libraries. :)

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