Problems with second season anime

About: KissAnimeList
First of all, thank you for this script!

I've noticed that this script has some problems with second season anime because kissanime doesn't always count from 1. Take for example If you click one of the episodes, for example episode 17, the script will update your progress with 17/24 instead of 4/24.

If you could fix this, this script would be perfect.


  • I think, writing something to automate this, will harm more than help.
    So i will just add the option to add own episode offsets.
  • Ok, I understand. That might be the best solution.
  • I added an Episode Offset button next to the title on the anime overview page.
    Boku-no-Hero-Academia-2nd would be '-13'. Keep in mind, that this value is saved locally, so if you change browser, delete the script etc..., you have to reenter the value.
    TIP: If you open the dev tools (F12) on Chrome and reload the page, it will show the recognised episode next to the links in the listing.
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